Hope Motherless
Babies Home

We take care of motherless babies from unwanted pregnancy, mentally challenged women and helpless relations. We also take care of abandoned babies.

Our History

Dr Mrs Christie Omolehin prematurely retired from Federal Service in 1994 to join Evangelist Isaac Omolehin in Full Time Ministry.  She had visions of herself taking care of children even though all their children were grown. The Evangelist saw himself taking care of an orphan who later became a Federal Minister of Finance in Nigeria.  The couple took these to mean that God was speaking to them about setting up an Orphanage Home.

What We Do


We counsel and advice young girls on the dangers and consequences of having an abortion and abandoning their child

Abandoned Babies

We care for policemen found abandoned babies by the roadside, sometimes a Day Old, or a few days old covered with ants and bring them to the orphanage 

Helpless Relations

We help pregnant women who died during labour, and with no one in the extended family to care, such babies are guided into the Home.

Girls With Unwanted Pregnancy

We collect and take care of babies of  female students who got pregnant in school so as to enable them finish College.

Rescued Babies From Mentally Challenged Women

We help and take care of mentally challenged women  babies.

Helping Mentally Challenged Women

We work together with The Department of Behavioural Sciences in the UNILORIN Teaching Hospital  to take care of mentally challenged mothers 



As the children grow they consume more food.


As they grow they need more space.

The kids approaching teenage years will have to be separated into different houses.  


Caregivers and staff salaries, electricity bills, hospital bills, purchase of toiletries, diapers, cream etc need cash.  

The girls among them now maturing into teenage years need their own kind of maintenance. 

School fees have to be paid, they run into hundreds of thousands every term, apart from text books and stationery.  Money is needed daily.  


As they grow, their garments keep changing in sizes.  Even though younger ones pick some of the cloths bigger ones outgrew, the bigger ones themselves need to pick new dresses.

Health Care

Most of them arrive sick because of infections picked in the place of their abandonment.

Automobile (Bus) or Cars

Because they live in the same place perpetually, a bus or Space Wagon vehicles are needed to take them out to see the outside world, go for excursions, visit airport, factories etc.


Every gift supports quality, accessible healthcare, food and Education for those who need it the most. Your support will help reduce the suffering and loss of these children and their mother.

Donations can be made to the following banks

Periodical shipment of materials such as clothing, vehicles, shoes, medicals to the orphanage in Nigeria could be sent to the Head Office, Hope Orphanage, i/c The Word Assembly (Headquarters), Plot 95, Ajase-Ipo Road, Ilorin.

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